Victoria Women in Need Community Cooperative

The Core of What We Do

At Victoria Women In Need Community Cooperative (WIN), we support women along their journey between crisis, financial self sufficiency and wellness. Our programs are there for women along each step of their journey.

We are there when she is in crisis and needs to access essential goods, we are there when she is setting up her own home after leaving a transition house, we are there when she is building a strong community of support. And finally, when she is ready, we are there to provide training, education and financial support to help her achieve her goals of financial self sufficiency and wellness.

Transforming our Community One Woman at a Time

How do we do this? We collect donated goods and provide affordable high quality clothing, household items and furniture through four Resale Shops in Victoria. The revenue from our shops, together with financial donations, covers the entire cost of running our non profit cooperative, and funds our empowerment programs for women. So whether you are a shopper or a donor, you too have a hand in transforming our community.

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At WIN, we are always working like busy bees. If you can lend your hand to pitch in, even if you are not located in Victoria, we'd appreciate your support! Together, we can make a difference. Here are ways you can contribute to WIN! Shop at one of our four stores. All of our proceeds fuel our